Simon John Hair Celebrate 25th Anniversary

Simon John Hair Celebrate 25th Anniversary

Simon John Hair Celebrate our 25th Year in Business!

An incredible 25 years ago to the day, Simon John opened our first Sutton Coldfield Hairdressers, at 67 Mere Green Road. Melvie Horthorne was our first client through the door, and how things have changed for us over the years!

Money was tight when we first opened – we have to thank some of our good friends for helping us out with the painting and building work to get us on our feet (although, on reflection, the place was still pretty much a building site on the opening day!) Simon recalls “clients just seemed to come through the door!”.

Old Simon John Hairderssers Shop

Seems like yesterday: Simon John, Walmley on it’s opening day back in the 1980’s!

Simon was well supported by the incredible Sue Young and Julie Williams, who are still with the business 25 years later. We moved premises in 2003 to St James Road then shortly after opened up our Walmley Hair salon. “It seemed like we suddenly had become the salon to go to overnight, but I guess it was more due to a period of hard work and good client service” says Simon.

The launch of Simon John Tamworth…

Two years ago we opened our Tamworth Hair Salon, and continue to search for prime sites for other salons! Over the years, a lot of stylists have come and gone from the Simon John team; but have all helped the business along the way on their own career paths.

People like Sue Young, Jan Buffey in early years set a foundation for Simon John Hair, but our main thanks must go to our long servers Julie Williams (25 years) Jenny Goold (13 years) and Jo Whitehouse (12 years) who continue to push the business forward in standards and professionalism. The team are pictured below celebrating our People’s Choice Award for Sutton Coldfield win;

Simon John Hairdressers West Midlands

Jo, Jill, Jenny, Simon, Jan and Becky celebrate one of our many hairdressing awards over the past 25 years.

A big thank you from Simon John…

Lastley we have a lot of clients who have been with us for many many years, some from the very start! We bow down to them for making it all possible, and hope they continue to use us for many more years to come.

We have a fabulous team at the moment with staff who really care, so could I just take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with the business today, and everyone who has helped us along the way and to all our fabulous clients.

We are proud to be celebrating a milestone anniversary of our Sutton Coldfield and Tamworth Hairdressers.

old fashioned simon john hair photo

Simon himself and Sue Young looking adorable back in 1989. (Simon is not so happy with his dodgy tie on reflection!)

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