My Great Lengths Hair Extensions Diary

My Great Lengths Hair Extensions Diary

Great Lengths Hair Extensions Diary By Simon John Client, Busy Mom Of 3

Ever wondered what it would be like to wear Hair Extensions full time?
Not sure how you would incorporate styling hair extensions into your day-to-day routine?
Worried that they may take a little too much time out of your already hectic schedule?

Then check out this Great Lengths Hair Extensions Diary below by one of our fabulous clients, for all you need to know on the interesting benefits of wearing hair extensions

1. School Rush Madness

Just wanted a quick fix to keep my hair out my face for the busy rainy school run with my 3 wild boys. Twist and fish tail plait. Effective and simple, no worrying about that Bridget jones look …

Great lengths hair extensions simon john hair

2. The Gym Look

Off to the gym, trying to look a little decent when entering/ leaving the gym! This is a simple and easy pony tail (and you can’t see my bonds either).


3. Coffee Dates

I wanted to make an effort for meeting with the girls. It’s been a stressful morning getting the kids ready for school. Just a quick plait round the front, now all I need to do is add a bit of lippy and I’m ready to put the worlds to rights!


4. Ladies Night

You always want to look good on a night but when you have 3 kids and a husband it’s always a rush!And you never have time throughout the day to get to the salon and when you try to copy what your stylist does it ends up looking like this…

So with a plait over the top, I put the rest in a pony and twisted it back onto itself to create a bun at the side! Heels, dress, lipstick and voila!!!


Great Lengths Hair Extensions at Simon John Hair

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